Beauty Sales Representative

What does it take to become a Beauty Sales Representative?

What qualifications and experience do I need?

A hair and beauty sales representative job role is quite different to any position within the salon. Sales and retail plays a large part of day to day business within the salon, from recommending a particular service to offering product advice, therapists with a strong talent for this may find that working for a specific product company suits their skills sets as they will be able to sell to businesses and train their staff. To be able to train salon staff beauty therapy qualifications and experience are necessary, no qualifications are needed for the sales element but experience of retailing products and confident upselling will be a great advantage.

What personal skills and qualities do I need?

You will need to be able to build relationships and rapport quickly with potential new clients. You will be keen to travel, comfortable being away from home and work flexible hours to accommodate your clients. Excellent communication skills are required as is an ability to negotiate, the ultimate aim is to make a sale. A friendly and professional manner is required when educating salon staff to keep them up to date. As you will often be working alone you must be able to work on your own initiative. A passion for your product and a drive to succeed could bring high financial rewards.

Where could I find work?

Opportunities exist across the UK, the rapidly developing beauty industry is bringing new products and equipment to market all the time creating opportunities for strong sales professionals and educators.

What progression opportunities are there?

Successful sales individuals also have the opportunity to progress further in the sales field with roles such as Account Managers, Team leaders and Regional Managers. As the beauty industry is continually evolving there are numerous opportunities worldwide.