Beauty Make Up Consultant

What does it take to become a Beauty Make Up Consultant?

What qualifications and experience do I need?

It has become increasingly common for the newer make-up companies to expect their beauty and make-up consultants to be qualified to at least level 2 beauty therapy, this is due to the increase in these brands offering services in store in addition to retailing make-up products. If you are applying for a role that includes providing services you can expect to be trade tested, if you are applying for a sales role any previous sales or retail experience will be advantageous.

What personal skills and qualities do I need?

High standards of personal presentation and hygiene are vital as you will be working in close contact with your clients when applying make-up and demonstrating products. A welcoming, professional attitude and an ability to empathise with clients is important. Excellent communication skills to understand customer needs and desires will enable you to retail a range of products. You will need to be motivated and driven to achieve sales targets. Hours of work can vary depending on the type of environment but you should expect to work a combination of days, evenings and weekends.

Where could I find work?

Recent, rapid growth in the make-up and beauty industry has created numerous opportunities as brands expand their operations to most high-street department stores and standalone units within airports. Most opportunities exist within cities or large towns of the UK and overseas.

What progression opportunities are there?

A successful make-up consultant with strong admin and organisational skills will soon progress to managing a local team, other opportunities to manage large areas will be possible for the sales consultant with strong drive, high standards and ambition.